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Upserve by Lightspeed merchants using iOS-based terminals (iPads) now have access to more features and upgrades in Version 3 of the Upserve App. In addition to the new features, future upgrades and enhancements will be available to iOS users faster than before and on the same timeline as Android users.

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Who is eligible for Upserve V3 app updates?

Any customer using iOS-based terminals can download V3 of the Upserve app, as long as your hardware is running on iOS 13 or higher. If you’re not sure what iOS your iPad is running on, click here.

Why should I update my Upserve app to V3?

Downloading the new Upserve by Lightspeed app for iOS means you will get more feature enhancements and faster updates. 


New features on the V3 app update include:

  • Upserve Pay. Print QR codes on receipts so guests can pay on their phone instead of having to hand over their credit card.
  • Dine-in QR ordering. Customers can scan QR codes, place their order directly from their phone and send it to the POS.
  • Pre-order stock handling. Better manage your stock levels when customers place pre-orders with Online Ordering. This feature allows you to set up item counts to automatically deplete when guests place pre-orders for limited stock items, helping you keep track of your inventory levels at all times.
  • Promised times printed on kitchen chits. Kitchen staff can better prioritize to-go orders with promised times printed on each ticket based on when customers will arrive.
  • Customize printer settings. You have more control over what information gets printed (and what doesn’t) on each ticket.
  • Highlighted tables with items on hold. If an item has been ordered but not yet sent to the kitchen, that table will be highlighted on the POS screen as a reminder to servers to fire off the next course, an additional to-go order or other items on hold.
  • Stronger search enforcement for time display groups. Items cannot be pulled up or ordered outside of their allotted time, such as brunch or happy hour menus.
  • Improvements to Offline Mode. See an increase in stability when managing payments in Offline Mode, as well as on-screen troubleshooting to help you get back online as soon as possible.

How do I update my Upserve app?

Getting started is as simple as downloading the new app, signing in with your existing account info and carrying over all of your data and management tools. View the help article for step-by-step instructions on updating your Upserve app.

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