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Upserve POS online ordering

To help restaurants make more money, Upserve POS and Grubhub (also known as Seamless) have integrated their products. This means one place to manage your menu, one place where orders flow into the POS, and one printer to fire orders to the kitchen — with zero waiting, zero errors, and zero wasted time for the restaurateur. It also means delighting delivery customers with faster service and total confidence that “what she ordered is exactly what she’ll get, every time.

Why this matters to restaurateurs:

  • Happier staff and lower cost – Upserve POS eliminates the need for a dedicated Grubhub delivery tablet or fax from which staff painstakingly re-types orders. Instead, Grubhub orders flow directly into Upserve. Fire orders instantly to the kitchen, or one-tap to approve before firing. Your staff will thank you later.
  • Happier delivery and takeout customers – Too often, online orders let great service die on the pass. With Upserve POS, Grubhub orders are in the kitchen with a few seconds of the customer’s tap or click, and customers are assured that what they ordered is what they’ll get, every time.
  • Happier on-site guests – With front of house staff freed from re-typing delivery orders and juggling multiple tablets, they will spend less time running around, and more time running the show in your restaurant.
  • One menu – Menus updated via Upserve POS automatically update across online ordering platforms, instantly. This means you can ‘86 the wasted time you lost managing menu updates in multiple places, and do it all from one simple platform.
  • One financial report – Running a restaurant isn’t going to get easier. But it will get smarter. Now you can balance the books in one place, without having to reconcile separate online ordering and POS financial reports.
  • One tablet – With Upserve POS, orders flow directly into the Upserve tablet, eliminating the need for excess hardware. It’s one less thing to break or get in the way.

Case Study: Saving time for Mile End Delicatessen in New York

“We work hard to create Montreal-style specialty foods for our diners to enjoy, and appreciate the additional reach and awareness brought about by online ordering,” said Joel Tietolman, co-owner of Mile End Delicatessen in New York. “Grubhub and Upserve’s POS integration allows us to update our in-restaurant and takeout menus at the same time, on one platform. This saves us time each day, and ensures that our diners can choose from the most updated menu items, whether they’re eating in our restaurant or dining in the comfort of their own home.”


Case Study: Making life easier for Bombay Wraps in Chicago

“Our restaurant has one simple mission: to bring the delicious street foods that we ate growing up in Bombay,” said Ali Dewjee, owner of Bombay Wraps in Chicago. “Since the integration of our Upserve POS with Grubhub, it’s been easier than ever to manage our back-of-house functions, giving us more time to bring the amazing tastes of Bombay to the people of Chicago!”


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