Best in class restaurant POS systems are reliable – even when the Internet isn’t. Learn about how Upserve POS is using Offline Mode to keep you online, even when your network might not be.

Offline mode is a restaurant POS feature that keeps your restaurant running even if the Internet isn’t. In most cases, this means you can continue to accept credit card transactions safely and securely, even if your iPad POS is not connected to the Internet.

What causes a restaurant POS to go into offline mode?

For restaurants using a legacy POS, an internet crash can be a huge hassle. Some systems prevent you from taking transactions, limiting you to cash-only service. Often, the POS going down requires a call to your customer support line, and many times getting someone to come out and fix the problem costs upwards of $150 an hour!

With a cloud-based restaurant POS, offline mode can save a lot of headaches. But what causes a POS system to go into offline mode? It can be one of a few different things.

    • Your payment processor loses connectivity. Occasionally, credit card processors such as Chase, TSYS, or American Express may experience failures. If we identify any processor having an issue, we automatically place the iPad into offline mode so you can continue to accept credit card transactions. If you’re using Upserve, rest easy. Our server encrypts and securely stores credit card information while processors are down. Once they’re available, we securely send the transactions for authorization and capture.
    • Your network has an issue. Your iPad POS can sometimes have a hard time connecting to the Local Area Network (LAN), also known as your WiFi network. If LAN challenges occur, it’s usually because the router is unplugged or off, your iPad is too far from the wireless router, or your access point is down.
    • You lose internet connectivity. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as Comcast or Time Warner, can go down, leaving you without connection to the Internet. In this instance, if you’re using Upserve POS by Upserve, you’ll automatically switch to offline mode until Internet connectivity is restored.
    • Upserve POS servers experience an issue. In the event that the Upserve POS service is down, our 24/7 team springs to action to work on a resolution. The progress — along with any widespread incidents that impact our customers, even if they’re from an outside third party — can be monitored from our status page. When the issue is resolved, your iPads will automatically reconnect.

Upserve POS is designed to support your restaurant when you need it most through the Offline Mode feature.

Video Transcript

One of the features our customers tell us they can’t live without is Offline Mode. This is particularly important to our restaurant owners because one of the worst things that can happen is not being able to operate the same when something unexpected happens.

Picture this… Your table just ordered, you’re entering it into the POS and then all of a sudden you’re offline. With other point of sale systems you would panic, but with Upserve POS you just keep working. Offline mode is designed to support you when you need it most.

When you’re offline, the POS will automatically alert you with this orange bar.  It has a diagnostics feature to give you an idea of what caused the outage and it will tell you what you can and can’t do while in Offline mode. In this scenario, you can see that you can you can still create checks, send orders to the kitchen, print receipts, adjust tips and swipe credit cards.  The best part is, your guests will never know anything happened at all.

And when the issue is resolved you’ll exit offline mode automatically and any credit card transactions will be sent to your credit card processor.  And as you can see the orange bar is no longer there.

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