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Today we’re proud to release Upserve “Winter 2013”.

It’s a new and improved Upserve that’s designed to help local merchants understand the customer behind every transaction. Now you can automatically access more data, better analytics and faster deposits. At the end of the day, the means you’re freed up to spend more time building relationships and repeat business, and less time swiping cards and crunching numbers.

If you’re already working with Upserve, you can automatically access all the new features today.

If you’re not yet part of the Upserve network, read on as we think you’ll want to jump on board! You’ll be in great company with hundreds of restaurants, bars and local merchants who use Upserve to power a quarter billion dollars in annual sales and insights into 500,000 customers.

How you benefit:

Deepen Customer Relationships
Merchants showed us that they keep customer information all over the place – on post-its, in notebooks, in email, attached to reservations and more. There’s now a better way with Upserve’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It’s how you save insights and re-engage customers online after they leave the store.

Swipely CRM

  • Use one simple, powerful database
  • Easily access a profile of each card-paying customer with their transaction history
  • Quickly add notes about customer preferences or edit contact information

Access Hourly Analytics Anywhere
You should be able to track business trends as they happen and wherever you go. Upserve’s reports now update every hour, have a simpler design, and are optimized for tablets, including the iPad.

Swipely Day and Time Heatmap Report

  • Monitor sales performance by hour to take action when it matters
  • See how weather, Facebook posts and other factors impact sales
  • Aggregate sales trends across all locations, or at the individual store level

Get Paid Faster
We’ll cut straight to the case here. How would you like an extra $5,000? Merchants who upgraded to Upserve have seen this immediate cash flow boost thanks to our new American Express OnePoint partnership.

AMEX OnePoint

  • Get next-day settlements on every payment (vs. 30 days with many other companies)
  • Streamline operations with one consolidated Upserve statement
  • Get quick support with one customer service point of contact at Upserve

Upserve is a great for merchants who are looking to turn an existing payments expense into a marketing investment to grow their business.

  • No new fees
  • No new equipment
  • No new work

What are you waiting for?

Contact us for a Free Demo at upserve.com

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