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Let’s Work Together to Improve Your Experience

Upserve is launching a dedicated user experience portal where current and potential customers may elect to participate in usability studies.

That’s all I need to know, I’m in.

The goal is simple.

Upserve is dedicated to improving your day-to-day experience of using products like Upserve HQ, Upserve POS, Payments, Workforce, Tableside mobile POS, and Online Ordering. We are always working to humanize our technology so you have a smooth and seamless experience when you perform your daily tasks for the restaurant.

How does it work?

The method for usability studies ranges from in-person interviews to shorter task-based exercises that get at the heart of our product design. This will help us determine whether it’s working or needs adjustments. Your time commitment may be as small as  30 minutes; or, if you really like it, you can be a long-term contributor. Most of our contributors enjoy the process, plus you get the added benefit of seeing a sneak peek of areas “under construction.”

Example wireframe exploring the mobile online login flow for Online Ordering.

The result is impactful.

The insights gathered during these studies directly influence the current and future product design and offerings. This means you, your staff, and your restaurant will enjoy the benefits of product enhancements shaped by your needs. To get started, simply fill out the questionnaire below and we’ll be in touch when there is a usability study that seems like a good fit for your profile.

An example of the design thinking that goes into our 2019 release of Workforce, a tool to create schedules and send shifts to employees.

User Experience Questionnaire

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Dawn Russell is a User Experience Designer at Upserve.