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Whether your space is a one-location eatery, part of a big-name restaurant group, or a nontraditional space like a brewery or bowling alley, there’s plenty of potential for transforming your spot into a bonafide event venue. And with the holidays in full swing, there’s never been a better time to host private events that’ll allow you to boost end-of-year sales, experiment with new menu items, and much more.

It helps you reach sales goals

It’s not abnormal for restaurants to see anywhere from a slight to a significant dip in sales towards year’s end, due to things like entertaining visitors and saving money for holiday gifts. Ramping up your private events program during this time will help make up for that slump, so you can still meet your goals for the year. You can even look into things like special brunch offerings or a discount for events booked on a weekday.

It keeps you top-of-mind for customers

If you want your restaurant or venue to be at the forefront of people’s minds when they think of dining options, having it be at the forefront when they’re planning an event or being asked for venue suggestions will be extra beneficial for your bottom line. Not only are satisfied customers more likely to rebook your space, but they (and their guests) often use word-of-mouth to recommend it to others in their networks.

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It allows you to test new menu options

Here comes the fun part: using private events as a way to potentially test out new menu items you’re considering adding to your menu. Allow your chef to add fun twists on classic dishes or whip up something that they don’t normally get to make — if the guests wants to include it on their event menu, voila! Then, when you gauge for your guest’s feedback, make sure to ask about how the menu items were received.

It aids in organic growth

This goes back to word of mouth — happy clients will spread the word about your events program, thus helping you drum up more business. Along with using tools like event management software and making sure to work with your customer to ensure all of their needs and expectations are met, there are special touches you can add to ensure the most exposure possible. This can include a signature hashtag for your space that guests can use on social media, fun takeaway swag, or a promotional deal for event attendees who book their own event within a certain time frame post-event.

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