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Think you know what the hottest food trends for 2017 are? We’ve done our research and boiled it down to the top four.


What are the hottest food trends this year?

4 Hot Food Trends to Know Right Now

Food trends this year boil down to the 4 C’s: Color, Cleanse, Customize, and Confection.

Unicorn frappuccinos, mermaid toast and unicorn bagels are all over social media.

In restaurants, vibrant colors will be showing up on our plates, especially purple.

“The power of purple goes beyond the vibrant color and often indicates nutrient density and antioxidants.” – Whole Foods

The fresh-pressed juice industry last reported as a $3.4 billion industry. – Forbes

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And it’s still growing as people become more health conscious.

Pizza is one of the most customizable foods.

5,000 new pizza restaurants since 2012. – PMQ Pizza Magazine

Gourmet doughnuts have dominated breakfast.

200 Million people who will consume donuts this year. – Statista

Social media has had a huge impact on these trends. If you can’t beat ‘em. Join ‘em.

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