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Chef Chris Coombs of Boston’s Deuxave prefers the traditional tipping model for his restaurants and prices the experience appropriately so his employees earn livable wages versus minimum restaurant wages.


I think it’s important for restaurateurs to really look at their own model, look at their clientele, and look at their concept and see how the tipless equation could potentially affect them. For us here at Boston Urban Hospitality, we believe in the traditional model and pricing our experience appropriately, be it appetizers, entrees, wines, cocktails.

Restaurant staff management just got easier, employee turnover just became a thing of the past.

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We really try and build in livable wages for all of our employees, both in the kitchen and in the front of the house within our equation. I do understand how in some restaurants they don’t like to have the hidden costs of the 20% tip added on and they sort of fold that into the mix of the overall experience. For me personally, I think our equation is currently functioning quite well and we’re very proud of it.

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