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Effective restaurant marketing strategies can put your restaurant on the map, and they don’t even have to cost you anything. Chris Coombs, Chef and co-owner of Boston Urban Hospitality, shares his best tips for using social media to your advantage.


I think social media is a necessary asset for all restaurants, from QSR all the way to fine dining. Certain restaurants are very lucky that they’re so busy, they don’t really have the need to market themselves, but in this evolved era of traditional retail sort of going down the tubes with the replacement of Amazon, we all need to find creative ways to market ourselves as competition increases, and social media is a tremendous platform to do so effectively.

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So my best tips for restaurants is to really be transparent and honest. I think that there are many dishonest ways to go about social media via purchasing followers, or likes, or automation, and really I think your target demographics, they want to hear from you and they want to hear from you honestly. So keep it honest, keep it true to brand, keep it true to concept, and really think about what your voice is on social media and how people will perceive you. That’s my best tip.

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