Restaurateurs don’t want to spend any extra time at their restaurant pos. They want to focus on their guests, their food, their employees. Upserve POS gives them their time back for what matters most.


With Upserve I don’t even have to step out from behind the bar; I can access the back office right from the iPad that I’m standing at. Buttons can be added and removed quickly and easily and as soon as I hit save, it’s automatically on all the iPads. It really saves so much time, you know, when time is so important to us.

Upserve POS has great adaptability. We can change orders, edit orders in all kinds of smart ways. It’s very intuitive and user-friendly, which is essential for a good POS. It’s also there working for us fast and furious when we need it to, firing orders all over the kitchen.

You have people who are coming here, they don’t want to spend a lifetime with technology, but technology is a part of the game. You know it helps. They need to be able to learn it in a short period of time so that they can start serving customers and stay focused on the customers. I get a lot of feedback from the managers that Upserve POS, is easy to use. Much easier than the other POS’s we’ve used in the past.

One of the exciting things is that because its software can be updated instantly all the time, I’ve watched the app grow and evolve and get better and also respond.

And generally we feel that, Upserve HQ and Upserve POS, they have helped us to do that, to do our job. They go into the background, they give us information efficiently, quickly, and they get out of the way. Which is what we need because our focus is the customers, it has to be.

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