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Evan Matz moved his family to Virginia to be a part of a wonderful community. He wanted to bring craft beer and food to a social gathering place. With the opening of his Crafthouse locations he did just that. For Evan, it’s all about community.

I love owning a restaurant because I get to see so many people and just interact with a customer. It’s just a good feeling.

Restaurant owner

For Evan, it’s all about the community and supporting the local merchants and businesses around the area, “whether it’s the distilleries that supply us with our whiskies and bourbons, or the wineries or the big breweries. We try to highlight as much as we can.”, says Matz.

burger on a wooden plate

Crafthouse is all about drink local, eat local, support local.

The Crafthouse team really focuses more on quality than quantity. Evan’s philosophy is that his restaurants should be a social gathering place that gives them as much craft type of beer, cocktails and food around.

friends drinking craft beer

It’s just a great experience just seeing all the faces, all the customers, getting to know the people.

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Evan Matz is the owner of Crafthouse, a three-location restaurant and brewpub in Virginia. Crafthouse is known for locally sourced food, craft spirits and craft beer.