Eric Handwerger is the owner of Ocean State Sandwich Shop. His experience running his own shop has taught him many valuable lessons. See the four things that he wishes he knew before he started his own. Learn how to open a cafe from Eric’s four main pieces of advice.


The things I wish I knew were first and foremost was social media marketing. It wasn’t an area I was really familiar with and I wish I could’ve had some help in the beginning with that.

How to say no… to the people that come asking for things. Whether it be marketing, or a new service, or a donation.

How hard it is to find good people. It’s been a struggle since day one. I’m fortunate to have great staff on-hand right now, but when the time comes to find new staff it can be really hard.

Marketing. Knowing what’s going to pay off and what’s not. If I could’ve chewed somebody’s ear for an hour and said, “Hey, you seem to be doing this, this, and this. Why?”

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Carter's first five jobs were all in restaurants. When he's not doing food photography, he's probably at one of his favorite local spots, or cooking up a storm. With a background in marketing and video production, as well as the restaurant industry, he's always hungry for the next great shot... or pizza!