Karan didn’t plan to end up working in the restaurant industry. But when your family business involves opening a new Indian-fusion restaurant in Queens, NY, family always comes first.


What I love the most about the restaurant industry is the amount of new people that you meet. You meet people from all different walks of life coming together to enjoy food and share experiences.

My name is Karan Verma. I am the general manager of Masala Box and we’re located in Bayside, Queens, New York.

We are an Indian fusion restaurant. Our twist on it is, we give you the traditional Indian food but we also have more contemporary items such as you lamb chops, steaks and we put an Indian twist to it. How I got into the restaurant industry is by complete chance. I had just graduated from university and this is a family owned restaurant so originally, I wasn’t going to be part of it but any help is appreciated so I came. Originally, started as a bartender. From there, I moved on to other roles.

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I never have any down time. I’m always doing something to keep up the daily operations. I could be making some mango’s in the back. I could be doing inventory. There’s usually, sometimes, bugs. Sometimes our Wifi goes down. I’m always keeping very active operations wise. Napkins are folded. Staff is paying attention. But it keeps me very engaged and there’s never a dull moment.

It’s an exhilarating experience when you see people come and they enjoy the product that you are selling.


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Karan is the general manager of Masala Box, located in Bayside, Queens, New York.