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Before Matt Greer opened Caboose Brewing Company in Vienna, VA, he had many non-restaurant industry related jobs including building technology apps. After realizing that there was a beer desert in his hometown, he decided to do something about it and start his own brewery and restaurant.

About five years ago, my business partner and I had started a technology company and we were making apps. And one day, he came to me and said, “Matt, we should start a brewery in Vienna.” And immediately I swiped my hand across the table and took everything off the desk and said, “Yes. That’s what we’re doing.”  

Caboose Brewing beer growlers

We knew that we lived in a beer desert in Vienna. We had no craft beer within walking distance of any of our houses, and we knew that we had to provide something great for people to drink.

But for Matt, one of the greatest things about beer is that it’s an all natural process in which they get to use the full life cycle of products. “Everything from our grains to our yeast gets reused in some way. Today, we brewed our Vienna Lager, which is heavy on the malts, and we end up with about 1200 pounds of spend grains, which go to a local farmer to use for feed. So, she feeds her pigs, her horses and her goats with this spent grain and it’s, essentially, a second life for the product that we’re going to, typically, throw in the trash”, says Greer.

The things I love most about Caboose Brewing and what I do now is the ability to talk to customers, the sense of community, and the ability to make people happy.

When people come into Caboose, they’re just looking for a good time. They’re just looking to have the worries of the world lifted from them, and they just want to be taken care of.

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Matt Greer is the co-owner of Caboose Brewing Company in Vienna, Virginia. Before getting into the brewery & restaurant business, Matt was developing apps for the masses. Caboose was formed in October 2013 and opened in May 2015. It’s known for freshly brewed beer and locally sourced food.