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Restaurant Bill

According to a report from Restaurant Opportunities Center United, 7 of the 10 lowest-paid occupations in the U.S. being restaurant occupations. It’s no wonder that the minimum wage debate often centers around the salary of waitresses and waiters.


The Restaurant Wage Gap: Men vs. Women

Who takes home more on a weekly basis?

The minimum wage debate has sparked many conversations:

  • No tipping
  • Labor costs
  • FOH vs. BOH salaries

7 out of 10 of the lowest-paid occupations in the U.S. are restaurant occupations

71%: Female servers in restaurants

Across front of house jobs like waiters and waitresses, white male workers are paid higher restaurant wages.

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California: state with the nation’s largest restaurant industry

California’s average hourly rate:

  • White male workers = $15.06  
  • Non-white males = $12.85
  • White women = $11.56
  • Non-white women = $10.02

This means, a woman makes about 67 cents, to a man’s $1.

But the national average is $0.79

A weekly restaurant wage:

  • Waiter: $501
  • Waitress: $411

That’s a $90 difference

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