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When Ron Koller moved to Providence, he couldn’t find the perfect hangout spot… so he decided to open one himself. Ron brought The Malted Barley to Providence and has been delighting guests ever since he opened with delicious craft beer and craft food. Find out what drove Ron into the restaurant industry in the first place, and learn how to open a bar of your own one day.


What I love most about running this type of a business, is, interacting with people; it’s really a people business. And it’s just great to talk to them about Providence and Rhode Island and what we do here, and make them feel welcome. My name is Ron Koller. I’m the owner of The Malted Barley Providence.

The Malted Barley’s concept is craft beer and craft food. Everything we serve is, made with passion by the people that make it, whether it’s the beer or the food that we make in-house. All of our food is made from scratch. All of our dip sauces, pretzels, everything is done in-house, from scratch, every day. When I was in college in Milwaukee, Milwaukee’s a huge beer town, so domestic beers were very popular, everybody, enjoyed those, but when I was in college, I actually worked, in the kitchen at a import beer bar, and we had about 250 import beers I got to sample everything overtime, and I really liked the import beers. I liked the variety, I liked the quality of those.

After moving to Rhode Island, four years ago, I couldn’t find a place I wanted to hangout at in Providence. There’s a lot of great restaurants, a lot of great places to go, but if you want to sample a lot of different craft beers, there’s what I thought was not the ideal place to go. So I thought it was time to put one here, so we did. When we came to Providence we didn’t look to, you know, put anybody out of business, we looked to add to the restaurant experience in Providence. And it’s amazing to me that people come in, they order wine and they have a glass or two. But when you talk to them and you introduce them to different beers that they’ve never heard of or tried or considered trying, suddenly they’re ordering beer. And they never thought they liked beer.

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My number one priority, and the number one thing that I wanted to do on my business plan, for this business, was make people happier when they leave, than when they came in. So, we look at lots of people every day and no matter what is going on in their life, or at their job, or at home, when they come in, whatever mood they’re in, we just want to make it better before they leave.


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This is Ron Koller. He's the owner of The Malted Barley Providence. What he loves most about running this type of a business is interacting with people.