If there’s one common trait of restaurateurs, it’s their passion. At Upserve, we not only provide the premier POS and restaurant management software, but superior service. That’s because our people have been there before.

Our staff includes restaurateurs and here we share their stories, what it taught them and how they apply those lessons at Upserve.


My family was in the restaurant business. My first job was working for my Aunt Cindy and Uncle Rocky in their diner. Opened a few restaurants Lola 41, Pazzo, Lola Burger. I also studied computer science in college, so I was sort of balanced between technology and restaurant. That took me in through a lot of directions. but always really had a passion for restaurants and hospitality technology.

When I first realized I wanted to be a chef it was probably when I was in high school and I was looking at colleges, I looked back and kind of realized that cooking was always just kind of a natural thing for me, and it always felt comfortable.

When I was really young I had the opportunity to work out in the East End of Long Island, a little island actually called Shelter Island, at a family owned hotel and restaurant.

I was hired for, specifically the breakfast shift as a busser. It was a breakfast buffet, so it was a fairly entry level job. I actually stayed there for seven years. Those people became my family and I really fell in love with the industry.

I hear all the time where restaurants go, “Hey, you actually sound like a human. You don’t just sound like a robot,” and that’s really a huge compliment for us because you actually show that you care and there’s compassion there, and that you really want a draw to make sure this restaurant succeeds.

You know, out here in the industry you deal with all different kinds of vendors, and I think one of the greatest things about Upserve is you do have a dedicated account manager who is your person who you can always bounce ideas off of or ask for help.

The people in this organization really understand what our customers are up against and that we’re not a group of developers somewhere in Silicon Valley putting a product together without understanding what it is like to be in the field. We have people who are passionate not just about what we do, but have also been through it.

When I hear “By Restaurateurs, For Restaurateurs”, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that every shift has its own story. Any restaurateur knows that within those eight hours, pretty much anything can happen. Nothing is off limits. And I would really want to hear from someone and speak to someone who understands that concept and is going to help regardless of the situation.

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Carter's first five jobs were all in restaurants. When he's not doing food photography, he's probably at one of his favorite local spots, or cooking up a storm. With a background in marketing and video production, as well as the restaurant industry, he's always hungry for the next great shot... or pizza!