Raising the minimum wage for restaurant workers seems like a no brainer. Over 20 states have already raised their minimum wage. But, for many of these brave restaurateurs, it hasn’t been a piece of cake. Watch this video to take a look at the issues.

Video Transcript

Is raising the minimum wage good for restaurant workers? Many states believe it is good for restaurant employees. Over 20 of them have already increased their minimum wage in 2017.

Non-tipped vs. tipped employees have had very different reactions. Back of House: Positive (more money) Front of House: Mixed

A 2017 Upserve survey of tipped workers found that: 73% saw no increase in pay. 24% saw their tips decrease. 45% of tipped workers said their customers think they make more money than they actually do. For restaurant owners trying to control their costs, a no tipping policy is an option, but… 69% of workers said they would not accept a substantial increase in their hourly pay if tipping were removed from their establishment. Until the minimum wage debate is settled, restaurateurs will continue to be caught between a rock and a hard place.

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