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The typical waiter or waitress salary around the country is nothing you could live on. Servers rely on their tips and for the staff at Caboose Brewing they want to keep it that way.


When we first started Caboose Brewing Company, the entire restaurant world was a complete unknown to us. The first time I realized that servers made a certain minimum wage and they just took home their tips, I was kind of blown away.

Since then, it’s become very obvious that my staff actually enjoys taking home their tips. The hourly rates really don’t matter so much. If we were to incorporate something like a tipless structure, our costs would rise significantly and we would have to charge our guests much more for the food that they get.

We’re already in an area where our food is very expensive because of the quality. The beer is expensive because of the quality. We feel like we would not be able to raise our rates a whole lot more to justify that requirement.

Restaurant staff management just got easier, employee turnover just became a thing of the past.

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We also try to give our employees other benefits that don’t necessarily cost us anything. We provide yoga on Wednesdays, we have a running club, we have a biking club on Fridays, and we do family meal as much as we can.


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