The foods the biggest influencers on Instagram are sharing

What is the social media network for posting your best foodie pics? Hands down it’s Instagram. The users and influencers that have created a culture that prides itself on having enough self-control to sneak a photo in before diving into their food. Me on the other hand, not so much. Before I remember I want to take a photo, I’m halfway through my dish… Oh well.

But this isn’t about me. This is about that the epic food pics that are dominating your guests’ feeds. We’ve gathered the foods that appear most often on Instagram and dishes that have skyrocketed lately.

1. What’s the trend: ice cream cones

13,575,093 #icecream posts on Instagram
Why it works: Of our list, #icecream is the most popular food shared with over 19.7 million posts. Particularly the ice cream cone is a popular one to share. The lovely swirl and the easy to hold cone, makes it easy to put it in different backgrounds like a wall of flower or a brick wall. If you have an artsy backdrop in your restaurant, you can guarantee you’ll see lots of these kinds of posts.
Account: Spoon University

2. What’s the trend: Sushi boats

13,575,093 #sushi posts
Why it works: I see the popularity in sushi posts behind in the creative assembly and plating the chefs come up with that bring life to these dishes. And because there are so many different types sushi. You get to see tons of them in a sushi boat. This is one of the most popular ways sushi is being photographed on Instagram today.
Account: Bread Bunny

A photo posted by Chris?SF (@breadbunnie) on

3. What’s the trend: Above brunch scenes

8,437,523 #brunch posts
Why it works: Bruch has turned into an American staple, especially for millennials. The shot of the brunch table is hugely popular. From getting a mimosa, cappuccino, maybe some eggs benedict or a croissant in the shot. The brunch table photo is sweeping the feed, especially when the table that holds the food enhances the photo.
Account: GillyHouston

4. What’s the trend: boxes of donuts

2,684,078 #donut posts on Instagram
Why it works: Gourmet and specialty donuts have become one of the hottest trends in retail bakery in last few year. Why? There has been tons of creativity with donuts, from fun candy toppings to bright glazes. How can you not photograph a big box of donuts?! I mean there’s bacon donuts. Bacon. Donuts.
Account: California Donuts

5. What’s the trend: Ramen

2,363,202 #ramen posts
Why it works: Like the popularity of tacos, ramen is popular because of the gorgeous toppings. Often served in a bright, white bowl makes each ingredient pop. This photo comes from one of my favorite restaurants in Providence, Kens Ramen. Funny food accounts have even started jumping on this trend, creating a hilarious posts on Celebrities in Ramen account.
Account: Kens Ramen

A photo posted by Ken’s Ramen (@kensramen) on

6.What’s the trend: Acai Bowls

337,731 #acaibowl posts
Why it works: While this does not have the most posts, in recent months, acai bowls have been overflowing users’ Instagram feeds. The rich purple color of the acai and the delicious fruit toppings paired with the fact that it’s a healthy option makes users be able to showcase their delicious and healthy meal.
Account: Viva_alves

A photo posted by VivianA (@vivi_alves__) on

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