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Every customer has a unique story; how they found your business, what they like about visiting you, and why they keep coming back for more. Understanding what makes each customer tick can be challenging – but your restaurant depends on it to build customer loyalty and a thorough restaurant customer retention strategy. Thankfully, Upserve helps with that.

swipely menu data restaurant analytics

We’ve always been interested in helping merchants understand what makes their customers unique. We do that by gathering the breadcrumbs of restaurant analytics each customer leaves throughout your business in the form of spending, items ordered and how they interact with your servers. Then,11040

we put that information together in easy to understand insights and serve them up in  simple dashboards and reports.

To date we’ve delivered insights on more than 10 million customer transactions, and are always looking for new ways to make these insights even more actionable for merchants. With Upserve’s new Recent Activity feature we’ve done exactly that. 

Now, understanding what your customers want, when they want it, and where they’re going to get it is even easier. With all of these insights in one easy to access dashboard, delighting customers, and creating customer loyalty and restaurant customer retention has never been simpler.

Here’s what has received an upgrade and how you can use it to boost customer loyalty and increase sales to make better business decisions:

Swipely restaurant growth

When are they visiting?

Sure you might know when your lunchtime regulars are coming in, but did you also know they’re visiting another location for dinner twice as often and spending more? Visits across locations are now aggregated into one grid view helping you to spot trends in visits and spend. Darker green indicates higher spend and might be the key to understanding the real value of a customer across locations so you can truly see the whole picture when it comes to customer loyalty.

swipely menu data

What are they ordering?

Understand customer preferences on a much larger scale with menu data that gives you item tracking that shows which sections of your menu and which locations within your brand each customer is partial to. Are they ordering more apps? A second glass of wine? Maybe they’re splurging for dessert more often than you realized. Use these insights to make more targeted recommendations to your customers that they are likely to take you up on.

swipely restaurant analytics

History Repeating

Past behavior is an excellent predictor of future behavior, or something like that. So seeing a customer’s entire visit history in one scrolling view is probably a pretty valuable asset in your “make every customer feel like a rock-star” tool kit. Do your big spenders tend to come in on rainy nights? Do they spend more on Saturdays? It’s all in one easy to access history and available for you, your managers, and whoever else on your team you want to arm with this powerful info.

swipely menu data restaurant analytics

Most Valuable Customers

You value all of your customers, if you didn’t hospitality would probably be the wrong industry for you. However it’s easy to give the customers with the biggest checks the most attention in your dining room. Sure big spenders are important (who can argue that customer loyalty and retention isn’t?), and we’ve got a tool for identifying them, but your loyal regulars are also adding a lot of value to your business over time through regular visits and steady spending. Seeing the lifetime value of regular customers might just be the sticker shock your FOH team needs to start giving all of your guests the VIP treatment they deserve.


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