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Is your restaurant already at capacity? Do you want to add more guests without expanding your floor plan or adding more tables? Adding a catering service can be a great way to have your cake and eat it too! Check out some of our restaurant menu ideas to help you get started.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Matilda from Upserve, and today we’re talking about how your restaurant will benefit from adding a catering service. Do you have a restaurant that’s bursting at the seams? Do you want to add more guests, without adding more tables? You cater to your guests while they are dining at a 2 top, so why wouldn’t you cater to them at their 2 car garage?

Why catering helps

Restaurants are now generating four times more catering revenue than retailers, like club stores, creating a sweet spot for your catering service to thrive.

What’s right for you?

Catering means many different things to different restaurants. First, decide WHO you will be catering to, this may be different than your typical audience.

Do you want to offer a service for events with a full staff?

Or maybe a boxed program fits better in your plan? This could be anything from adding an almost cooked kit, and boxed options for corporate or collegiate events.

What’s the plan?

Developing a catering service requires more planning than you would think. Start with your menu. It should be easy to read and be sectioned off showing the different steps of your service. Think, if you were planning an event, what would YOU need for it to run smooth. Your menu should reflect your original concept and brand.

And finally, who is going to be working with you? A lot of the time, catering crews are made up of people that are a jack of all trades. The chef is also the manager, the servers are also the bussers, and so on. Keep in mind your brand, and your current staff. Adding a catering service means more employees, do you need to hire new ones, or move some of your current crew?

Thanks for watching this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday. Need more inspiration and clarity before adding a catering service? Check out this guide.


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