Ready for a master’s in restaurant marketing strategies? Knowing how to effectively run a restaurant is only one component of being a successful restaurateur. Being able to market yourself, your brand, and your locations is just as crucial. In this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday, watch Theresa bring those marketing ideas to life.

Video Transcript

Hey! I’m Theresa from Upserve, and this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday is going to cover restaurant marketing. Marketing your restaurant today is about combining all of your traditional marketing tactics, such as menu specials and events, with all of the new ways of communicating your message online.

Tactics To Live By

We know you can’t ignore the conversation around online marketing and social media- and we can’t either! But traditional marketing is not gone just yet. One of the easiest and most effective ways to market your restaurant is by word of mouth. Ask your guests if they liked their meal, and ask them to tell their friends. This is a personal way to get to know your guests, and show them just how much you value their opinion.

You Have Experts!

Your staff are the experts on your product, your food! Guests trust your staff’s opinions and their recommendations. Teach your staff to Upsell. This is the easiest way to increase your bottom line, as long it does not come off too pushy, the guest won’t even know that they are being marketed to!

Your staff members also have unique and fun personalities. Guests are actually more willing to stop by when they know that I’m is behind the bar. I mean come on, how else would they find out about the best shoe sales in Providence? How can your staff do this? Well, they can do this in conversation, or even reach out on social media, like saying “You. Me. The Dorrance, 10 P.M.”

Online Marketing

Believe it or not, 86% of restaurant guests have researched a restaurant online before dining, and that’s according to the National Restaurant Association. That’s huge! I don’t just mean millennials either. So get your website ready. Here’s the thing, the guest experience starts before your guests even step through the doors. The second they check out your website, your guests are expecting to see these three things at the minimum: Location and hours, Your Menu, and Reservations.

New Word of Mouth

Nine out of ten restaurants use social media to connect and engage with their guests. For restaurateurs like you, the idea of using social media marketing to reach guests may feel like a big time commitment, especially when you’re already focused on managing your reputation with Yelp and OpenTable.

The hard facts are this, if you’re not on social media, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Social media is engrained in our daily lives and if you don’t integrate it into your restaurant, you’ll be left behind. To make it easier, let’s boil it down into three buckets: One, where is your target audience? Two, what are they talking about? And three, what do they want from your restaurant?

Magic Ingredient

When you combine your traditional marketing efforts with online marketing and trends, you’re going to take what you’ve already been doing to the next level. For additional resources about restaurant marketing, and plenty more, visit us at, and thanks for joining us on this episode of Whiteboard Wednesday.

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