wicked good eats boston's game day favorites

What are Bostonians hungry for (besides another Super Bowl win)? We wanted to find out more about how the eating habits of Boston football fans – arguably some of the most dedicated in the nation – change based on whether their team wins or loses.

From the data pulled by our team across the 2017-18 and 2018-19 football seasons we learned that a win makes them thirsty for Sam Adams and hungry for chowder, burgers are equally good for a celebration or for drowning one’s sorrows, and a shocking pizza statistic out of one of the nations largest Italian populations.

So, Boston, what foods do youse guys love almost as much as Brady? Check out the infographic below to find out.

Wicked Good Eats Boston 2019 hi-res

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It turns out the mighty dollar isn’t the key to seasonal hiring all over the country. Which vacation spots are the best for beer-lovers, and where should cocktail connoisseurs head for a memorable drink? Upserve's Food & Beverage Sales Forecast tells you everything.

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