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Find out how six industry professionals rely on Upserve Restaurant Point of Sale and Management System to make their restaurants wildly successful

  • Matt Cormier, Director of Operations at Locals 8 Restaurant Group
  • Ross Simon, Owner of Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Bar
  • Nick Varano, Owner of The Varano Group 
  • Kolby Goryl, Bartender at The Malted Barley
  • Roberto Copa Matos, Co-owner of COPA
  • Dimitri Vlahakis, Owner of Esperanto
  • Malcolm Wooff, Chief Financial Officer at The Varano Group

Upserve Makes Restaurants Wildly Successful from Upserve on Vimeo.


CORMIER: Upserve has hands down made me wildly successful. We’ve grown sales, increased check averages, made our staff better sellers. Upserve gives me every ounce of data I need to coach and develop my teams. 

SIMON: It’s very intuitive. We don’t have to actually give too much training in regard to it because it operates how you’d expect it to operate.

VARANO: Having information and analytics, it just empowers to know right from wrong, to do better, and what not to do. In our industry, it dramatically has given us so much more information, knowledge, and ways to find what works and what doesn’t work.

GORYL: The differences are night and day. I really enjoy what I do. I enjoy it, even more, when everything that’s going on here is working the way it’s supposed to work. So, you can kind of take the chaos out of things, take those little difficulties that may come up out of the equation, it really is just a 100% enjoyable experience doing what I do.

MATOS: It reduces the time it takes to communicate between the front of the house and the back of the house. It reduces the time it takes to manage and control your resources.

VLAHAKIS: They go into the background and they give us information efficiently, quickly and they get out of the way, which is what we need because the focus is the customers. It has to be.

WOOFF: Where Upserve helps us is that the information is often pre the event, so you can actually start doing some forecasting, rather than post. Moving to Upserve was effectively a no-brainer. Fiscally it was on par with what we were doing before, but then we also had this wonderful suite of analytics that goes along with it. 

CORMIER: In the first three months, we saw an increase in sales of 14%, we saw covers increase by 36% and we also saw guest check average up 31%. I’d say that’s a pretty successful system.

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Holly Everett is a five-year restaurant industry veteran turned small business marketing specialist. After working at Seven Stars Bakery in Providence, Rhode Island throughout college, she entered the world of marketing where she led B2B marketing initiatives at companies focusing on growing small businesses.
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