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The secret behind the best customer loyalty programs: focus. The best customer loyalty programs know what brings their guests back and why and target their offers and rewards to meet those “needs”. Understanding your guests and building customer loyalty is essential to the success of your restaurant.

Influencing behavior through a focused customer loyalty program is not groundbreaking – how you choose to do so can be.

Know What Your Customers Want

At Upserve, we’re excited to announce that we’ve enhanced the ways in which you can know what your customers want. Our Customer Finder allows you to keep tabs on your guests and build a focused customer loyalty program based on restaurant intelligence… not gut.

Working with over 3,000 restaurants just like yours, we learned that merchants are interested in identifying guests in a wide variety of ways. Keeping tabs on spending habits and visit frequency is only the surface. What if you could understand who ordered specific restaurant menu items, too?

Now you can.

We’ve updated our Customer Finder to introduce new criteria to your customer insights.

Now, you can segment your customer list based on amount spent or number of orders of a particular menu item or category.


How To Make The Most Of Customer Finder With Menu Criteria

Using the menu criteria in Customer Finder is easier than you think – and now you can track customer insights together with your menu!

  • Build your own list based on menu criteria such as which customers spent more than $100 on buffalo wings or who ordered 10 or more fish tacos.
  • Save and share these lists across your business.

Using Customer Finder To Build Customer Loyalty

Insight into what brings customers back is only the surface. Our merchants wanted a way to engage with their guests in a focused way – using their menu preferences – and now they can. Now, if you have their email addresses, you can contact a group of customers from your list with focused messaging based on their needs. Run effective advertising campaigns (e.g. online ads, email, direct mail etc.) to bring these customers back into the store.

How Can Upserve Help With Restaurant Customer Retention Today?

Looking to learn more about how Upserve can help you improve guest loyalty in your restaurant? Learn more about our restaurant intelligence. Our Customer Finder provides dynamic restaurant analytics pulled from the data you are already collecting in your restaurant can give you deeper insights into what brings guests back.

Already a Upserve customer? Log in to your portal to start using Customer Finder to understand your customers and run a better business today.

Not a Upserve member yet? What are you waiting for? Contact us for a guided tour and learn how Upserve can start helping you grow your business today.

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