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Have you ever Googled “Yelp and restaurant owners”? Here’s the thing: today, I did. I thought I might find some interesting information on practical uses of Yelp and maybe some reviews of local restaurants. Instead, I found an onslaught of negativity.

My favorite headline?

“Fed-up restaurant owners fight back over Yelp reviews”


Lessons From Google

Google taught me that restaurant owners really don’t like Yelp. I knew this, but I mean, could it really be true of all restauranteurs? As a guest of many great restaurants, I’ve found some of my favorite places by asking Google “Italian restaurants in Hershey, PA” (Seriously, we found a great one in the middle of nowhere on a road trip in Pennsylvania from a Yelp review).

So what’s with all the “Yelp Shame”? From what Google can tell me, restauranteurs are fed up with the negativity. Yelp has a ton of power. After all, 90% of Yelp users say that positive reviews impact their purchase decisions. And a restaurant’s chance of filling seats is nearly doubled based on a 5-star review.

Restaurant owners hate Yelp because of how prominent and impactful a negative Yelp review can become.

Lessons From Experience

What if I told you that when it comes to Yelp, you have more power than you think?

It’s true. You hold all the power – as long as you have a good reputation management strategy in place.

I think it’s time restauranteurs harness the power of Yelp for good. And at Upserve, we’ve worked with thousands of restaurants just like yours and while the lessons I learned from Google were interesting, the lessons we’ve learned from experience are something you can use today.


Experience is exactly how we came up with our 5 Factors of Reputation Management.

Restaurant owners want to be everywhere their customers are, and that includes Yelp. However, we know that it can feel overwhelming to swim in a sea of Google “Yelp Shame,” so we’re shinning some light on the positive ways you can use Yelp to increase your sales and bring more loyal guests to your restaurant today.

Welcome Yelp With Open Arms

If you do nothing else when it comes to reputation management for your restaurant except for these 5 things, then you have done plenty. Download the strategy guide and learn how to use our 5 factors:

  1. Volume
  2. Velocity
  3. Sentiment
  4. Recency
  5. Keywords

It’s time to welcome Yelp into your restaurant with open arms. After all, Yelp made a reservation and they’re going to be vocal about their experience when they leave.

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