Crafthouse Thrives With The Simplicity and Support of Upserve POS

For busy restaurateurs like Evan Matz, owner of Crafthouse, the perfect restaurant point of sale system had to do more than take orders and process payments – it had to be there every step of the way for the staff.

A Reliable Restaurant POS System

With Upserve POS, Evan found what he needed: a system that’s “always there for us 24/7,” which makes it easy to see why the restaurant management platform stood out among all the rest for Crafthouse.

“My other POS system I had a horrible experience with where it was always going down, it was just not reliable, and it was very difficult to work with.

I went ahead a researched all the POS systems out there as best I could on the Internet and I came across Upserve against other POS systems and I started researching it and calling customers and finding the good and the bad and the ugly of all the systems out there.”

A Seamless Switch For The Restaurant And Staff

But making the switch can often be met with roadblocks. More often than not, restaurateurs are apprehensive about upgrading their point of sale system. For Evan, making the switch to Upserve POS, training the staff, and making changes along the way are easier than ever.

“During our training process of our staff, not only do we put ‘em through our food program, our beer school, and training them on all the products, but we also put ‘em through training with Upserve. It’s a very simple system where they’ll pick it up within 30 to 60 minutes and they’re pro’s at it.

That’s what I love about Upserve and how easy it is for the staff to be trained on it.”

Restaurant POS Support 24/7/365

At the end of the day, however, what Evan knows more than anything, is that it comes down to support when he needs it.

“Since I switched to the Upserve POS system, anytime I did need support we’d call the 800 number and we’d instantly get somebody on the phone.

If we had to wait a minute it might be a long time and that’s what I love about it, where others, I’d have to get a call back hours later, if that. What a difference Upserve has made. They’re always there for us, 24/7.”

What a difference Upserve has made. They’re always there for us, 24/7.


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