The Sandwich Hut Easily Transitioned To An iPad Restaurant POS With Upserve

Peter Kammerer, general manager of The Sandwich Hut, knew that it was time to bring in restaurant technology as his family business was seeing growth and was ready to scale to the next level. He found Upserve POS to be the easiest and most intuitive restaurant management platform to help him and his team transition from paper and pen to tech.

Since 1963, The Sandwich Hut had been running a very successful business using paper and carbon copies. When they needed a restaurant POS, they went with Upserve POS and have never looked back. Minimal time on training means maximum time delivering world class sandwiches in a neighborhood, family environment.

An easy transition from pen and paper to an iPad restaurant POS

Nowadays, you won’t find many restaurants that are still using pen and paper to jot down the orders and tally up the bill at the end of the meal. But The Sandwich Hut was getting by just fine… until running around the kitchen with pieces of paper became a bit too much, Peter says.

“This is a third generation family business started by my grandfather in 1963. We were running a takeout, delivery, catering business with three different stations, that really needed to have printers at each station. But we were just doing it by running around the kitchen with pieces of paper that were handwritten.”

It was time to implement a restaurant POS system that could keep up with their growing business.

“It’s very intuitive and user-friendly, which is essential for a good POS. It’s also there working for us fast and furious when we need it to, firing orders all over the kitchen.”

An intuitive and easy to use restaurant POS

For Peter, training new and veteran staff had to be easy so that he could focus on further growth.

“Now that we have Upserve POS in place, when new employees arrive I don’t really need to train them where to go to run a credit card. If you’re familiar with touch technology, the rest is pretty much self-explanatory. Upserve POS has great adaptability. We can change orders, edit orders in all kinds of smart ways.

It’s also been great to see the arrival of Offline Mode, which gives us that opportunity to keep on rolling when things are getting back online. It was a major step and a major paradigm shift for us. It just allowed us to grow the business much more easily.”

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