Upserve POS Makes Every Shift Easier For Esperanto

When Esperanto opened their doors in the Lower East Side more than 17 years ago they didn’t even have a restaurant POS (they did everything by hand!). Over the years, they’ve used many different restaurant POS systems, but nothing has worked for them quite like Upserve POS.

Dimitri Vlahakis is the owner of Esperanto restaurant, but you’ll find him working a shift, too…

A Transparent Restaurant POS

“You need to have one part of the operation talking to the other part of the operation. They need to know what everybody’s thinking.

When we started we didn’t have a POS, we did everything by hand. Now we’re using Upserve POS, which we’re very happy with. We’ve been using it for some years. And, what it affords us is the ability to coordinate our efforts for sale much more effectively.”

“When we started we didn’t have a POS, we did everything by hand.”

Coordinated efforts inside the restaurant, on the line and offline, no matter where you are, come out of the box with Upserve POS.

“Something that’s very important to me, is that you have to have remote access to it. I need to be able to look at reports, get reports e-mailed to me, on a regular basis. That’s something that I do get with Upserve POS and it’s something that makes my life easier. I don’t have to be here to see the little details that are important when I need to get in touch with somebody. So it helps our communication go along better.

I know that the ease of use with Upserve is critical. You have people who are coming here they don’t want to spend a lifetime with technology, but technology’s a part of the game. You know it helps. They need to be able to learn it in a short period of time so that they can start serving customers and stay focused on the customers. I get a lot of feedback from the managers that Upserve POS is easy to use. Much easier than the other POS systems we’ve used in the past.

The less intrusive in the operation, in the day to day, the better. And it works for us.”

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