Kenji’s Ramen Uses Online Ordering For A 10% Increase In Revenue

After rebooting the restaurant, top to bottom, Kenn Pluard, new owner of Kenji’s Ramen & Grill, was looking for a way to reach more customers and boost his bottom line. A user of Upserve’s restaurant management platform, he took advantage of Upserve’s integrated online ordering and his restaurant found a new revenue stream.

Restaurant Online Ordering Built For Growth

Well aware of the demand for ordering food online, Kenn saw online ordering software as his opportunity for a new revenue stream. But he did not want to pay commissions and lose revenue to fees and labor efficiencies in his restaurant. “It kills me to pay high commissions on delivery orders,” he recalled. The fees Kenn refers to can be upwards of 35% per order.

He chose Upserve Online Ordering as well as offering delivery through a third-party provider.

Quickly, Kenn saw the orders pour in. Within just a couple of months, online ordering has come to be just over over 10% of Kenji’s monthly revenue. And the orders keep climbing.

Online Ordering With More Fire Power Behind It

As online order volume climbs for Kenji’s Ramen — now about 20 orders per day – Kenn is looking to put more firepower behind promoting his online ordering webpage, so more guests order directly from Kenji’s, without a middle man and the commissions per order. With features built right into Upserve Online Ordering, that’s as easy as a few clicks.

Online Ordering That Drives Staff Efficiency

“The kitchen sees the order right away. We don’t have to touch anything except hit ‘Accept” [on Upserve POS].”

In addition to fresh revenue, Kenn immediately noticed efficiency in his staff’s time. Upserve’s online ordering solution is integrated with Upserve POS, so when an online order is placed, it drops into Upserve POS. There’s no transcribing orders from fax, email or a separate tablet into the point of sale.

“It’s so efficient and saves us so much time. 5 minutes saved that we don’t have to take an order by phone, plus 5 minutes we don’t have to spend taking payment when the customer comes in to pick up. With 10 orders/day, that’s over an hour saved per employee per day. It really adds up.”