Masala Box Easily Handles Large Volume With Upserve POS

Before Masala Box, a full service restaurant in Queens, NY, opened its doors choosing the right restaurant POS was a top concern for this family-owned business. Karan needed a reliable restaurant POS that was easy to use, would be cost effective, and one that could handle the high sales volume on busy weekends and when online orders were flying in. Three years later, the staff at Masala Box continue to love Upserve POS because it allows them to focus less time on the POS, and more time on delivering a great guest experience that drives customers back through their doors.

Scalable For A Growing Restaurant

When Masala Box opened, they knew they needed a restaurant POS that was easy to use, learn, and maintain. With one of the most creative menus in NYC, Upserve POS gives them time back to focus on their guests, their food, and their staff… no matter how often that focus changes or grows.

“We’re an Indian fusion restaurant. We’re a full service restaurant. We also have a full bar. We do everywhere from take outs, deliveries. We do caterings to offices.”

An Affordable, Reliable Restaurant POS Solution

When you become a restaurant manager, keeping operating costs manageable is imperative. But your restaurant POS is the central nervous system of your business. For Karan, it came down to dollars and (common) sense. Masala Box wanted a restaurant POS system that was reliable and affordable.

Ease of use was as important as the ability to process orders.

“We don’t need to spend a couple thousand dollars a month to manage this expensive, very intricate, POS system. At the end of the day, it’s not going to be doing much for us. We’ve had no need to change it. It’s reliable. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to understand. Now, after the integration of Upserve POS and Grubhub system it’s an additional benefit to us by you know processing our online orders.”

Intuitive For Easy Staff Training

At the end of the day, if your staff can’t use the technology, you’re not going to get very far. Masala Box knew that reliability was as important as user-friendliness. The restaurant industry doesn’t stop for anyone, and it doesn’t slow down for staff training. Upserve POS offered a training mode and a user interface that was intuitive.

“Upserve POS system has been very reliable from our part. We’ve had it since we opened the restaurant three years ago. One of the most attractive features was that for first time small restaurant owners, the amount of volume and the user friendliness that we have to face, it offered all that and we saw the value in that.”

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