PRESS Bistro Gains A 30% Increase In Revenue With Upserve’s Restaurant Analytics and POS

PRESS Bistro needed a restaurant POS system that would help owner, Jeremy Shearer, better manage the restaurant’s operations, and spend less time tethered to the kitchen. Upserve POS and Upserve HQ have helped PRESS Bistro work more efficiently, resulting in a 30% increase in revenue, and a 10% decrease in time to table, allowing Shearer to spend less time at the restaurant and more time focusing on new projects that further foster economic development in the community.

An Increase In Efficiency Leads To An Increase In Revenue

For Jeremy, the switch to Breadcrumb POS for made life more efficient in the restaurant, which means shorter wait times for customers. And a taste of that improved customer experience went straight to the bottom line with a 30% increase in revenue and a 10% drop in time to table on orders.

“Because we switched over to Breadcrumb POS and the handheld iPad mini’s, servers could actually put the order in right away without going back to a stationary terminal. Now instead of a customer potentially waiting 20 minutes to get a drink on a busy night, they’re getting it in under 10, which is the benchmark we’re going for. For a table of 10, that’s an extra $100 in beverage sales that would have been lost if the drinks were slowly paced throughout the meal, because now we’re seeing that we can get a third drink onto the table.”

An Ease Of Use Like No Other

This ease of use stood out as Jeremy evaluated multiple restaurant POS systems.

“I’ve been using POS systems forever. I’ve used TouchBistro. I’ve used Square. I’ve used and looked at all the other names out there. Breadcrumb just stood out every time I looked at it. It stood out as the easiest, most complete system for what I needed as a full-service restaurant.”

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