Upserve’s Restaurant Management Platform Is Truluck’s Single Source For Managing Their Operations

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Truluck’s, an 11-location restaurant group located in four states, is known for their fresh crab, tender steaks, and most importantly their superb guest experiences. The restaurant hasn’t introduced a lot of technology into their business over the past ten years. But ever since adding Upserve HQ’s restaurant analytics to their operations, they’ve shaved hours off their time everyday by never having to dig through spreadsheets again.

Upserve’s Restaurant Management Platform Enhances The Guest Experience

Riley Hutton, Managing Partner of the Downtown Austin location, says, “Just because it’s Tuesday, it’s somebody’s Saturday night”. And by using Upserve HQ’s restaurant analytics to keep all their staff on the same page, they are easily able to exceed guest expectations every time.

Upserve helps Truluck’s personalize experiences and recognize those customers that might slip through the cracks.

“We’re looking to build relationships with our customers. Just because it’s Tuesday, it’s somebody’s Saturday night and there’s something special happening and you have a chance to be apart of someone’s, it could be potentially a lifelong memory. It’s unique that a company like Upserve can come in and seamlessly become part of our operation.”

A Seamless Addition To The Restaurant

When the guest experience is so important, adding new technology, especially one as essential as your restaurant POS system and management platform, can be fear-inducing. What if something goes wrong?

Riley recalls how seamless the entire integration and onboarding process was for his operations and his team.

“I’ve been in the industry since ninety-three, so that was really the edge of technology just kinda blowing up.

We’ve introduced very little to what we do in the past eleven years I’ve been with the company. So it’s unique that a company like Upserve can come in and seamlessly become part of our operation and preparation for shifts and then summaries of those shifts. It’s been a tremendous time saver for me, as an operator.

Previously if I wanted to pull up stats for our team, it was you know, numerous reports and doing the math on my own and tracking these things in excel spreadsheets. What Upserve has done by tying in systems that don’t always operate together, it’s kind of bridged into one system where you can gather tremendous amounts of information to utilize.”

Staff Turnover Is No Longer A Challenge

In the restaurant industry, the guest experience relies heavily on the relationships that restaurant staff build with guests. Which can be a challenge when staff turnover so frequently. Riley recalls just how Upserve has been able to shift the restaurant’s thinking about turnover….

“One way it’s really helped to impact our bottom line is our lounge business. Our lounge business is a first come, first serve basis. We’re reliant upon a bartender or cocktailer getting to know the customer, recognizing the customer after a certain number of visits and developing that relationship.

So as you’re turning staff over, that one staff member that recognized that loyal customer in the lounge may not be there anymore and it gives us the opportunity to continue to recognize them and continue to make them feel special.”

It’s about building relationships, he says.

“We’re looking to build relationships with our customers rather it’s that single visitor that comes once a year for that convention that hits in June or it’s the couple that live down the street or the folks that drive in from Lakeway.”

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