Free Hardware Terms & Conditions (exp 12/31/2019)

Promotion available for new Upserve customers who execute an Order Form with Upserve on or before 12/31/2019 for the Upserve Platform (each an ‘Eligible Customer’). Promotional hardware discount is equal to the lesser of $4,500.00 or the listed price as identified on the Order Form. Application of the promotional discount is subject to exclusions. Terminal hardware discounts are capped at $500.00 per terminal (the ‘Terminal Discount Amount’), and Eligible Customer shall be responsible for any difference between the Terminal Discount Amount and the listed price as identified on the Order Form. Promotional discount does not apply to any other hardware in excess of discounted hardware, software or services purchased or subscribed to by Eligible Customer. Fees for additional products and services may apply as identified on the Order Form. This promotion may not be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Subject to availability. Eligibility for the promotion shall be at Upserve’s sole discretion. Upserve may terminate this promotion or modify its terms at any time.