Fast, Flexible and Designed for Your Restaurant

Upserve’s Restaurant Management Platform gives you everything you need and transparent pricing.

From a single location to over 100, we have an affordable plan to match your needs and easy to implement.


Pairs well with single location restaurants with smaller staff.

Starts at
Per Month / Location
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  • Includes 1st Breadcrumb POS License!
  • Upserve Live
  • Guest Book - Basic
  • Menu Intelligence - Basic
  • Sales Analytics
  • Logbook
  • Reputation
  • Campaigns
  • Daily Digest Email
  • More than 100 Breadcrumb POS features
  • Phone & Email Support

Pairs well with multi-location restaurants, multiple terminals and restaurants with average ticket orders above $30.

Starts at
Per Month / Location
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  • Everything from Core, plus:
  • EMV Payments
    1st EMV reader included!
  • Contactless Payments
  • Menu Intelligence - Premium
  • New vs. Repeat Guests Breakdown
  • Labor Reporting
  • Server Performance
  • Guest Book - Premium
  • Loyalty
  • Multi-Location Sales Analytics
  • Online Ordering
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Premier support 24x7x365

Pairs excellently with large multiple location groups with 50 to 500 locations.

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  • Everything from Pro, plus:
  • Single sign-on
  • Centralized Menu Management
  • Centralized Employee Management
  • Integrated Time Clock
  • Bring Your Own Gift Cards

Keep the Upside with Upserve Payments

Upserve’s payments processing doesn’t tax you for growth – instead we give you the keys to growing. Our affordable approach to payments is a flat fee so as you succeed, you don’t pay more.

Interchange + $0.15 per transaction. Includes EMV payments processing.

Only Pay for What You Need

We include your first terminal license and allow you to add additional terminals based on your current needs.

$50 per additional terminal license.

Prices above based on annual payment with certain terms and conditions, for eligible restaurant groups. Please contact us to learn more.

Like Getting Dessert On the House

With Upserve you get the only complete Restaurant Management Platform, including payments processing, point of sale, as well as reporting and analytics that will make your mouth water. Included in Upserve packages are:

Digestible Insights

Beef up your reporting while spending less time in the weeds. Upserve pairs payments and POS data, along with other integrated solutions, to give you intuitive insights you can actually act on. Coach staff, refine your menu and grow margins, and take hospitality to a new level.

Software That Doesn’t Get Stale

Just like you, we listen to our customers. Upserve is constantly improving capabilities and features. And with a fully cloud-based platform, you get access to updates with a simple visit to the Apple App Store.

Take it Tableside

Upserve gives you the ability to take and complete orders tableside in addition to the classic restaurant model for taking orders and collecting payments. Plus, with full support for EMV, you can stop worrying about chargebacks and collect mobile payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Moving to Upserve was effectively a no-brainer because fiscally it was on par with what we were doing before. And we had all those wonderful sweep of analytics that goes along with it. It was an easy decision to make.
Malcolm WooffThe Varano Group

You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

We know restaurateurs want the best technology but made easy. That’s why Upserve built a Restaurant Management Platform to give restaurants the critical solutions they need to run smoother operations, coach and empower staff, and deliver stellar hospitality every shift.

That’s why we’ve included all of our offerings to run on a single platform. The result is that you get better insights, a much easier to use solution, and a single partner to work with whenever you need support.

Traditional point-of-sale providers pushed customers into clunky, expensive hardware that doesn’t fit the needs – much less the aesthetics – of restaurants. This often meant updates to software came with expensive hardware changes and time-consuming retraining for staff.

Upserve thinks differently. We offer a far more helpful, easy-to-use software that is constantly being improved. You get access to those updates without having to purchase expensive hardware upgrades. It’s as easy as visiting the Apple App Store. We offer affordable hardware and software that is more modern, sleeker and gives you a leg up with insights that can lower costs and grow margins.

We’re here to help you get the right hardware for your restaurant. Our techs can review what you have to ensure it’s up to task. Upserve also pre-configures equipment prior to shipping so it’s easier to setup and train your staff on.

Upserve is designed specifically for the restaurant, which means implementation is faster and easier than traditional POS systems. Our team will work directly with you to assess your needs, your restaurant layout, install process and training for your staff. Implementation typically requires a couple of weeks from the time of purchase.

Yes. The Breadcrumb EMV solution is available as part of the Upserve Pro package, and is ready for order and shipment today.