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Are you looking to open a new restaurant this year, or give yours a facelift? Time to settle in with that laptop and find some inspiration on restaurant design ideas from restaurant trends to help take your restaurant decor ideas and make them a reality.

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Use Typography

There is a lot of #TypeLove out there and done well can look great on walls. Bold graphics, marquee letters, diagrams and charts are all fun ways to add type on your walls. We’re loving this piece in NRN showcasing this exact type of restaurant decor.

dickeys bbq restaurant
Source: Dickey’s Barbeque Restaurant Source – NRN

Get Artsy

Some cities may have more of an arts reputation than others, but every city has talented artists. Some may even already be your customers. Put out a call to artists and work with someone local to create pieces unique to your restaurant.

Matamen Restaurant - Yatzer
Source: Matamen Restaurant – Yatzer
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Get Colorful

Your customers are already sharing what they love with their friends, and looking good on Instagram can send those friends your way. Good lighting, beautiful colors, a polished look all make for being more InstaWorthy.

Go Green

If you love fresh plants, decorate your space with lots of plants, flowers, and fresh herbs. Not only are plants beautiful and relaxing, they also make a visual connection about the freshness of your ingredients.

Greenery in restaurant

Open Up

Make the kitchen itself part of the decor, or the wine cellar or whiskey tunnel. Inviting people to get close to your products gets them talking, and they more they know they more they tend to spend.

restaurant interior design lighting

Restaurant decor helps you stand out from the crowd. If you have 5 minutes, you can learn the ins and outs of restaurant interior design.

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Pick a Theme

Themed restaurants can have a reputation of being corny, or a little bit overboard, but they don’t have to be. Try not to pick a theme that is too trendy and will on its way out in a couple of years, instead pick something that is reflective of your menu and brand.

Keep it Simple

Want the restaurant itself to show off the food instead of competing for attention? Think about a simple design that won’t overpower the cuisine. Remember that going simple can sometimes be harder, each detail matters and will be noticed.

simple restaurant design
Source: Pinterest

Embrace Old School

You don’t always have to reinvent the wheels, certain looks are classics for a reason. Old school bistro style with the classic chairs, wood bar and tile floor will never go out of style.

old school cafe
Souce: Pinterest

Embrace Community

While the news may speak about divide in our country, restaurants can bring your community together. Sharing a meal together is a great equalizer, and a way to meet neighbors. A communal table or no TV in the bar, can help get people talking.  

Be Yourself

Your restaurant is an extension of you, let your personality shine. Show off that collection of vintage kitchen tools, family photos or cookbooks if it makes you happy. You will be spending a lot of time in this place, and if you feel happy and comfortable, your guests will too.

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